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First Birthday Party

Mothers can make her own invitation card to the first birthday party of her baby!
Enjoy a memorable first birthday! It is once in a lifetime event!

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Invitation to the First Birthday Party Photo Board Well Wishing Postcard Poster

Photo Board tinicell homepage

Photographic paper printing board + Coating + Photo Adjustment + Frame (option)
We offer superb photo quality compared with other printed board products and outstanding service of photo
adjustment by experts.

Sample Image - Photo Board.

Sample Image - Photo Board.

Product Features

1. Guarantees clear and spotless image of quality with photo developing method.

2. Printing on the high-quality photographic paper + Embossing Coating (Photo quality is superb with
photo development print method, compared with the printing type method of the other companies)

3. Guarantees clear quality of pictures with matt photo-development method.

4. Same day delivery when order is placed before 4 o’clock on the business days.

5. Beginners can use it easily and rapidly.

6. Small quantity orders are accepted.

Sample Image - Photo Board.

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