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HEBRON KOREA. Inc. is the leading kids' photo album company in Korea.

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Overview Corporate Identity Brand Identity Organization
Representative: Sung-jin Hong 
Executive Officer: General Manager Wan-dong Cho, Manager Sang-il Park
Staff: 7(R&D 4, management 3)
  • Representative : Sung-jin Hong
  • Executive Officer : General Manager Wan-dong Cho, Manager Sang-il Park
  • Staff : 7 (R&D 4, management 3)
1 patent, 1 trademark, 1 service mark, 13 program registrations, 5000 digital contents

500 primary and secondary schools, 2000 nursery schools and kindergartens, 50,000 volumes/year

Flat type factory has a floor space of 140 pyeong

Retained Equipment
Frontier 570s(*3), Frontier 550(*3)

30 computers and server, 10 digital camera etc.

Affiliated Agency
Daejeon, Gwangju, Incheon, Busan, Ulsan, a total of 10 affiliated agencies