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Store photos in a pretty album and give it to your kids when they grow up to cherish their memories.
Tinycell Album stores precious memories of your children.

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Nursery School/Kindergarten Album tinicell homepage

Unnecessary to cut and glue!!!

Put daily lives and interesting stories of your lovable children into illustrated backgrounds ~

Sample Image - Nursery School/Kindergarten Album.

Sample Image - Nursery School/Kindergarten Album.

Product Features

1. Systematically organize kindergarten and nursery school days for one year,
Choose suitable backgrounds to a theme of a kindergarten and a nursery school at every event for a year,
input photos and explanations and make an order. You can have deluxe hard-covered albums.

2. Save teachers lots of efforts.
It is unnecessary to cut and glue! Just input photos and texts in cute and pretty backgrounds of Tinycell
Kindergarten and Nursery School Album. You can make another quality album for children.

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