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Store photos in a pretty album and give it to your kids when they grow up to cherish their memories.
Tinycell Album stores precious memories of your children.

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Well Wishing Album tinicell homepage

Choose your favorite background from the Tinycell Well Wishing Postcard backgrounds.

Specially-made deluxe Well Wishing Album that contains your baby’s profile and letters.

Sample Image - Well Wishing Album.

Sample Image - Well Wishing Album.

Sample Image - Well Wishing Album.

Product Features

1. Easy to keep your photos for a long time and see them anytime. Good gift for your babies when they
grow up.

2. Can enjoy beautiful albums with others and write down well wishes.

3. Photo size is much bigger than postcard-sized well-wishing cards.
You don’t need to worry about losing it during an event.

Sample Image - Well Wishing Album.

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